Lukasz Karluk will demonstrate his process for creating 3d-printed sound sculptures with OpenFrameworks (an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding - The workshop will cover a basic overview of OpenFrameworks and methods for taking audio input from a microphone or an audio file and using it to manipulate and reshape 3d geometry. The second part of the workshop will discuss the process of 3d printing digital objects by first exporting them from a OF application and preparing them for 3d printing using a Makerbot or 3d printing services like Shapeways. Attendees of the workshop are encourages to bring their laptops and create their own 3d-printed sound sculptures.

盧卡斯.卡勒克將展示透過使用開放工具OpenFrameworks(一套以開放源碼C++為基礎的創意編碼工具去創作聲音雕塑的過程。本工作坊首先會涵蓋OpenFrameworks的基本概述及如何透過採用麥克風的音頻輸入或音檔去控制及重塑立體幾何,然後第二部份則著重討論由OF應用程式的去輸出列印檔並運用Makerbot或如Shapeways 的3D打印服務將之列印成形。建議參與者自攜手提電腦去創作個人的3D打印聲音雕塑。