Main exhibition
Main exhibition

Street Ghost (2012 - ongoing)
遊魂 (2012 - 現時)
Paolo Cirio (Italy)
薛理遨 (意大利)

04.06.2016 [Sat六] - 12.06.2016 [Sun日]
Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall

Life-sized pictures of people found on Google Street View are printed and posted at the same physical locations where they were taken. The posters are printed in color, cut along the outline, and then affixed to the walls of public buildings at the precise spot where they appear in Google Street View. Street Ghosts reveals aesthetic and biopolitical aspects, as well as legal issues concerning privacy and copyright, which can be explored through the artist’s statement and theoretical considerations. The artwork re-contextualized readymade informational material, and reenacted a social conflict: ghostly human bodies appear as casualties of the info-war in the city, a transitory record of collateral damage from the battle between corporations, governments, civilians and algorithms over the control of public and private information.


Artist Biography
Paolo Cirio

Paolo Cirio works with information systems to impact the dynamics of social systems. Cirio's artworks investigate fields such as privacy, copyright, finance and law affected by communication networks. He shows his conceptual works through prints, installations, videos, online performances and interventions in public spaces.


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