Fiction Narratives selection - Presented in association with theBIO·FICTION Science, Art &Film Festival (Austria)
BIO·FICTION電影節短片精選 (奧地利)
08.06.2016 (Wed三)

Duration: 約120分鐘
Language: English
Lecture Hall5, Cheng Yu Tung Building, Chinese University of Hong Kong

About Bio.Faction

Biofaction is a research and science communication company based in Vienna, Austria. Our core expertise is in science communication, film production, technology assessment and the study of ethical, legal and social issues in a number of emerging sciences and technology (genetic engineering, synthetic biology, converging technology). Biofaction provides expertise and service in the following areas: technology assessment of new and emerging (bio)technologies, art and science collaboration, film and video production on science and technology, science communication and managing the science-society interface.


About Bio.Fiction Science, Art & Film Festival

BIO·FICTION explored the emerging field of synthetic biology from different disciplinary angles including science and engineering, social science, cultural studies, amateur biology, filmmakers, artists and designers. We had presentations, panel discussions, do-it-yourself biology demos, performances, artwork and of course film screenings. Our international short film competition introduced documentaries, animation and fiction shorts that explored the thematic. To date, BIO·FICTION on Tour has stopped at 20+ locations across the world from Berlin to Ubatuba, with additional events planned.


Listing of Fiction Narrative:
(Title / Name / Nationality / Year / Duration)

Decapoda Shock / Javier Chillon / ES / 2011 / 09:11
I wish my life / Joachim Huveneers / BE / 2014 / 15:05
Eugene / Catalina Hoyos-Restrepo / US / 2014 / 16:05
Talking Life / Bâr Tyrmi & Rafael Linares / ES / 2012 / 10:21

Vermin / Adi Gelbart / DE / 2011 / 23:09
Hybris / Arjan Brentjes / NL / 2014 / 06:22
The Arsehole Gene / Eric Romero / UK / 2013 / 06:48

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