Joel Kwong a.k.a KFF
鄺佳玲 (筆名 鄺霏飛)

Writer: KFF
A Chair. A Sofa. A piece of Mirror. Book(s). Newspaper. Magazine. A Desk.
A room of one, contains four walls which draws the distance between life and death, that is one’s life. You may see the memory pieces in this space, lie on the bookshelf, on the desk, on the wall, maybe they are from the characters or actually from you, it doesn’t matter indeed. One’s room is actually an universe, it won’t lock you but in reverse guiding you to another layer of time; feel free to explore, it’s all yours, at least at the moment.


Artist biography 藝術家簡介

Media Art Curator, Project Producer & Writer

Over 15 years’ experience of media art management and curation, Joel received her MA in Cultural Management from Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is currently the Programme Director of Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. She was in the Jury Panel for international symposium, design and art festival/ awards including Siggraph Asia 2020(South Korea), ISEA 2019 (Gwangju), 2015 Taiwan Golden Pin Awards, Siggraph Asia in 2011 & 2013, and also ISEA (HK) in 2016 etc. She started her collaboration with the local media platform Storyteller in Hong Kong since 2019, a series of illustration x short stories about Love, Taste & Memories between Hong Kong and Taipei.

She believes that art makes a better world.


超過⼗五年媒體藝術⾏政及策展經驗,⾹港中⽂⼤學文化管理碩⼠。⾃2006年為微波國際新媒體藝術節(microwave)擔任策展及項⽬管理⼯作,2018年創辦SIBYLS,致⼒把新媒體創作推廣至更⼤的觀眾群。分別擔任2020年Siggraph Asia及2019年國際電⼦藝術項⽬ISEA(光州)的藝術評審,歷年來⼀直有參與多個國際活動的藝術評審⼯作。近年來除策展以外也開始涉獵文字創作,除撰寫有關媒體藝術、電影、⽂學與設計的專欄外,2019年與本地平台Storyteller推出連載合作計劃《味娓》,以味道牽繫情感道出⼀系列香港與台北的小故事。