Chung-Lun Wu


When we are reading stories, we build an imagined world populated with life-like characters, who are nothing but our self-projection. Our faces emerge after reading the stories.
Hold on – are you reading from the screen, or is the screen reading you?

Artist biography 藝術家簡介

Age 34, currently based in Taiwan, a Director & Photographer

Studied Animation when he was in University, and became a self-taught photographer by then. His visual practice integrates his animation skills as well as his instinct as a photographer, creating a unique but also diversified style. He collaborated with many famous stars in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China, includes A-Mei, MayDay, Sodagreen, Sandy Lam, Waa Wei, Hocc & Ellen Loo etc., being their music video director & photographer, cover & poster photographer and also concert teaser director. He also directed TVC commercials for brands e.g. TaoBao the 1001 nights, Samsung, BenQ and BeiBei.com. He retrieves a nice balance between his art, design and commercial works, his most recent important directors’ works are the opening video at Golden Horse Awards 2017 & Golden Bell Awards 2016 in Taiwan, and his Poster shooting collaboration entitled “movie insider series” with nowness (featuring International Movie Star Joan Chen & Chinese Director Vivian Qu).

He is the appointed concert photographer for Cheer Chen, Hebe Tien, Rene Liu and Alin. His music video collaboration “Yan Wo” with Jimmy Cho was shortlisted in the 23rd of Golden Melody Awards, and his own music video work “Show it to You” was shortlisted in the 15th of Urban Nomad Film Fest. He was featured as one of the unique photographers in Japan/ Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ China in YOHO Magazine.

34 歲 現居台灣的影像工作者

大學時候就讀於動畫系同時學習攝影,工作以來從攝影師的角度出發,融合動畫的元素,成就多元風格。其工作及創作範疇以影像為主,曾與多個華語圈著名歌手合作,包括張惠妹、五月天、蘇打綠、林憶蓮、魏如萱、何韻詩及盧凱彤等,分別擔任其音樂錄影帶導演及攝影師、唱片封套及海報攝影師、以至演唱會Teaser導演。除參與音樂圈的工作以外,他亦擁有豐富的廣告導演及拍攝經驗,客戶包括淘寶1001夜、三星、BenQ、貝貝網等。他在導演、攝影、影像、設計類的工作中取得不錯的平衡,近期重要作品包括台灣金馬獎54、台灣金鐘獎51的片頭影片導演製作,以及和nowness合作的movie insider系列(陳沖文妟篇)創造101導師海報攝影。