Young Animations (59 min)
後生仔動畫 (59分鐘)

Every year young gifted filmmakers submit their weird, subtle, witty, utopian, critical and dystopian works for the Prix Ars Electronica’s category of “u19-create your world”, for the mb21 (DE) and the c3 <19 (HU). They show us their strong imagination, their deep understanding of certain topics, and all expressed with their abilities within one media. This program is a selection of Animations coming from young creatives and young professionals from different age-groups and skill-sets.

年實的天才電影創作人每年都會遞交他們奇怪的、微妙的、詼諧的、烏托邦式的、批判式的以及反烏托邦式的作品到電子藝術大奬的「u 19-create your world 細過19歲嘅嚟創造你嘅世界」單元,mb21 (德國) 和 c3<19 (荷蘭)單元。他們向我們展示了他們強大的想像力,他們對某些主題的深刻理解,並在這媒體上表達自己的能力。這放映節目是由一系列年輕才俊及專業創作人的作品所組成。