Connecting the Dots – Screening Selections

Connecting the Dots is an online project launched by Microwave in early 2021; it’s a media art archaeology project which involves two key parts – a online zine and a future gallery. The core concept of the whole project is by reviewing what the media art specialists did in Hong Kong in the past 50 years and also showcasing works in different generations in the approach of media art. The works in this special screening session for Festival 2021 is derived from the Future Gallery, a series of video works from young artists are selected and showcase to the public through this special occasion – the 25th anniversary of the festival.


「鑑」,是鏡子。《莊子‧德充符》:「鑑明則塵垢不止。」《新唐書‧卷九七‧魏徵傳》:「以銅為鑑,可以正衣冠。」這世界需要鏡子,少一面都不行,多多「關照」人們才讀得懂世情。且「 鑑」不單純指涉鏡子,也有視察觀照能力之意,該聽過「知人之鑑」罷,又或且多行一步,也可以有警戒警惕的意,又有如「前車之鑑」。「鑑」字變化萬千,有如媒體藝術,且行且珍惜,作品似點,連結成點線面造就媒體藝術版圖。是次放映項目是自《連點鑑》內精撰的新點,以年青一輩的雙眼看世界,在屏幕裡讓觀者自行觀賞飛翔。
Bystander 旁觀者

Liu Chang

Experimental Film


Can you imagine how children react when they are suffered from agony and cannot flee or fight? Their minds might launch the program to “digitalize” their hosts, to detach hosts from their thoughts, emotions, and memories. The hosts then become numb, apathetic, which ensures their survival. This experimental film is not science fiction but the real story of a child abuse survivor who suffered from depersonalization disorder. She can only live in a world of a third-person computer game and watch herself from a distance. The montage sequences in the film implicitly revealed the deep berried memories and her desire for salvation.


Flying Across Chaos 飛越疫海

DR. Yang Yu Hsuan Rochelle

Ink Wash Animation


“Flying Across Chaos” is a digital ink wash animation that expresses fear and uncertainty during the pandemic. Splashes of ink and dark current symbolize the expansion of the virus. Flying across the ocean and clouds, the seabirds and goddess represent the desire to free ourselves from the chaotic world.


Goldfish ⾦⿂

Tong Man Ho



People are trapped in this crowded city, they work hard every day in order to survive; do they still remember what they really want or want to be? Do they still have dreams? Or they just live like a goldfish, living without frew will and true feeling? “Goldfish” is a wonderful encounter between a goldfish and a man in a night……

在這座人口密集的城市裡,人們背負著各自的壓力,為生活拼博勞碌,每日如是,似乎他們續漸把自己曾經擁有過的美好回憶,遺落在大海之中流浪; 在這條人來人往的街道上,牠們也許一輩子被困在這細小的空間,一個沒有自由,被塑膠與髒水包圍的國度,牠們的一生,可能純粹只有反覆的期待或是靜靜等待死亡的來臨。 在這個晚上,一名普通男子在這條街道上與這條格外分明的金魚自然相遇,而這次的偶遇,能讓他們互相救贖麼? 《金魚》 將會為觀眾呈獻這段他與牠之間的奇妙旅程...

Half My Crescent 半⽉

Chan Chui Ying & Rai Arina



The story follows two sisters, hybrids of both humans and plants (Luna & Selene), their life ambition and purpose is to leave their home planet to venture out into the unknown. But Selene, despite knowing their possible demise, leaves instead letting her sister go and expires in an unfortunate accident. Leaving Luna to carry on their hopes and dreams on her own. Luna has always depended on her younger sister (Selene) to heal her and is used to being by her side. She starts to learn how to do things on her own and eventually fulfills their dream. Our aim is to show personal growth through the sisters, the focal point is the constant lack of psychological and self-fulfillment needs which are susceptible to mental disorders. Personal Growth is a lifelong process of self-realization, cultivation of their talent, and growth as a person. We choose 2D animation as the media to convey our message, not only because we have experience in it but also because research shows that people are mostly visual learners. We thought it would be suitable because we wanted viewers to find it memorable and connect people without using language. Instead of dialogues, we decided to use visuals to heavily drive the story. We want the audience to feel the emotions the protagonist is going through, hoping they can learn about growth.

Wild Butterfly 野蝴蝶

Yip Yuen Ching

Short Film (30 mins)
劇情短片 (30分鐘)

Brian was a famous ex-boxer, who blinded his left eye in a fierce fight and since then he is collapsed and frustrated; Kaicho is a compensated dating girl and is living next door to Brian. She is continuously suffering from domestic violence by her father and she is hoping to fight back to stop the harassment. One day, Kaicho asked Brian to teach her boxing and they become a salvation of each other.