06.11.2011 {Sun 日}
Exhibition Hall, Low Block,
Hong Kong City Hall

All workshops will be conduct in English.

Free Admission.
Limited seats available, reservation required.
Reservation 預約
Mission Eternity Workshop with 3 core-agents of legendary etoy.CORPORATION: participants become digital stowaways who travel space and time forever
By etoy.CORPORATION (Switzerland)

Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall
6/11/2011 14:00﹣17:00
Number of Participants 參加人數: 20

Get ready to exist beyond death into eternity by becoming an everlasting citizen in the digital world through this project of M∞. Participants are invited to design their own MINI ARCANUM CAPSULE with materials of their own choice. Each participant’s digital pieces will be put into MISSION ETERNITY STOWAWAY STORAGE which keeps the pieces alive forever.
請準備存活於死亡以後,榮獲「永生」,透過這工作坊可永恆存活於數碼世界 中。參加者選擇自己生平的物件,自行設計自己的「迷你奧秘膠囊」,以公開格 式儲存。每個參家者的數碼碎片,將放入「永恆任務偷渡儲存器」中,令碎片永存於世。
EVERYBODY’S DOING IT - an afternoon of exchange in the Time’s Up Kitchen
by Time’s Up (Austria)
人人在做工作坊之與Time’s Up在廚房交流
Time’s Up (奧地利)
Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall
6/11/2011 14:30﹣18:30
Number of Participants 參加人數: 12

Absorbed by the patterns of work and life, we forget to take time for the “important things” such as chatter, dining and senses. The Kitchen remains a place for encounters, discussions, experiments and eating, the most basic of our needs. This workshop invites participants to leave the hectic city behind to slice some veggies, talk about projects, shows or just some random facts and to drift as the aroma of food wafts around them.
DIYBio - Genomic Exploration Workshop
by UCLA Art|Sci Center: Romie Littrell (US)
UCLA Art|Sci Center
羅米.萊特爾 (美國)

Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall
6/11/2011 15:00﹣15:45
Number of Participants 參加人數: 15

Doing biology outside of traditional professional settings, DIYBio allows citizen scientists to experience what scientists and biology experts do every day, practicing science. This workshop will allow the participants to read their own DNA or that of another organism in a quick and easy way. It is a great opportunity to increase scientific knowledge and skills while having fun in a safe environment.