Speaker’s biography

Rachel is a designer, researcher and educator who co-founded Loop.pH in 2003, a collaborative spatial laboratory operating at the convergence of design, architecture and science.

Rachel trained at the Royal College of Art in London and specialised in adaptive, smart materials for the built environment, inspired by the study of biology and living systems.

Rachel speculates on near and far future scenarios that explore emerging biological and technological futures that could impact society and the world at large. As creative director, she runs projects that craft space, technology and living materials into visionary experiences and environments. Her work explores a new role for designers to intervene at an urban scale and develops participatory tools for public engagement initiatives and multidisciplinary practices.

She also consults for industry on creative strategies and provides trend and insight reports through collaborative workshops and in-house presentations for clients such as BMW, EDF and Swarovski.

Rachel is also a design educator and has taught at some of the leading international design schools, such as the Royal College of Art, Central St. Martins, The Strelka Institute, The Royal Academy of Architecture Copenhagen, Zurich University of the Arts, Shenkar College of Engineering & Design (Tel Aviv) and ECAL, Lausanne.

Her design work can be found in the permanent collections of the MoMA (NY), The Victoria & Albert Museum, Norman Fosters Art Collection & the Bloomberg Art Collection.

Recent clients include Swarovski, Royal Historical Palaces London, Bloomberg, Foster and Partners, Kew Gardens, EDF & Lille3000, Belvedere, BMW & The ICA, Centre of the Cell and the Medical Research Council.




她亦為業界作創意策略顧問,透過協同工作坊及內部簡介會,為BMW、EDF及 Swarovski等客戶,提供有建地的趨勢報告。作為設計教育工作者,她曾在各地知名院校任教:倫敦的聖馬田和皇家藝術學院、莫斯科Strelka建築媒體及設計學院、哥本哈根皇家建築學院、蘇黎世藝術大學、特拉維夫Shenkar設計與工程學院、及瑞士洛桑州立藝術學院。


其客戶包括Swarovski、倫敦歷史皇家宮殿、彭博、諾曼.福斯特事務所、英國皇室植物園、EDF & Lille3000、Belvedere、倫敦ICA與BMW的合作、細胞中心及醫學研究協會。

Speakers’ abstract

Spatial Laboratory

Rachel will introduce the work of London based Loop.pH and discuss their approach to design and the city.

Designers are the people who help shape the ways in which we experience the world around us, and Rachel believes designers to be the important spokespersons and agents for change in creating more sustainable futures.

Many of the negative visions of the future, seen in pop-culture and sci-fiction limit people's abilities to dream big and act differently. Design can be used to create a more optimistic, ambitious and engaged conversation about the future that leads to meaningful change.

Loop.pH position themselves at the transformational process where Design Fiction & Speculation leads to Experimentation & Action.

As creative disciplines merge and mutate, the opportunities for designers to work as urban interventionists and in an architectural context grow.

It’s Rachel’s ambition to establish a totally different design practice, one where designers, architects, scientists could all work together in a playful and experimental environment on meaningful projects that radically re-think the City.

Her agenda is to activate public space through creating environments and experiences that communicate and engage people with science and technology in a positive and enlightening way.

Rachel will share work that explores and speculates on new modes of fabricating architectural space, which looks to answer ‘How can we build architecture and spaces as nature does?’ One of her core strategies is to work to a design criterion and strategy based on ecological and biological paradigms.