Artist's Biography

Karina Smigla-Bobinski is a true interdisciplinary artist. Working with interactive, kinetic, physical and sculptural media alongside oil painting and digital display, she has enjoyed considerable success in 40 countries across five continents with work.


卡琳娜是一名真正的跨界別藝術家。她的作品媒介包括互動設計、動力裝置 、實體及雕塑,以至繪畫及數位展示。其作品曾於五大洲、四十個國家展出。

Artist statement

Interactivity in art stands out as a way to connect with the audience. The best part of interaction is when you can use your body, which then turns you into an analog part of the (post-digital) art piece.

It is very important for me that the entrance into the practical experience of art is possible for everyone and that visitors may decide how far they dip into the art experience according to their ability or will. I dig the hole to Wonderland ... but jumping into it? This, you need to do by yourself.

"ADA" a self-forming artwork, visitors animated under destruction sculpture, a post-industrial „creature“, resembling a molecular hybrid from nano biotechnology. Filled up with helium, floating freely in room, membranelike globe, spiked with charcoals that leave marks on the walls, ceilings and floors.