Artist's Biography

HoloDecks is an umbrella project for a number of studies which focus on transforming sound through different mediums. This particular part of the HoloDecks project uses software to transform sound into physical 3D printed objects, sound sculptures.

The base shape chosen for the visualisation is a disc which has always been a ubiquitous shape associated with music storage formats such as compact discs and vinyl records. The disc also acts as a convenient base layer that 3D elements can be printed on. Using a generative process, a 3D mesh form is created on the disc as a representation of the audio from a selected song.


「HoloDecks研究以不同媒介轉化聲音。此作品特別透過軟件轉化聲音成為實體 3D打印作品,是為聲音雕塑。

作品底盤的形狀是特以呈現作為音樂存儲格式相關的形態,例如光盤及黑膠唱片。作品的盤狀設 計同時是為了讓3D元素打印在上。透過使用衍生過程,一首特定選曲的音頻便能在盤狀設計上呈現,創建其獨有的三維網格形式視效。

Artist statement

A custom application made using openFrameworks loads in a sound file and analyses it to attain the shape of the audio from a song. The application uses ofxFFT, a openFrameworks addon developed by Karluk, for audio analysis. It extracts information about the sound which is used to shape the sound sculptures by generating a 3D mesh in real-time.

openFrameworks has good mesh support, namely the ofMesh class has all the functions you need for generating openGL meshes and it can export meshes in the .ply format. Also worth mentioning is the easy to use ofxObjLoader addon which can export meshes in .obj format, ready for 3D printing.


透過使用openFrameworks負載的聲音文件並對其進行音曲分析便可訂制一套特定應用程式,並能夠從一首歌演譯出其音頻形狀。用於音頻分析部份,是次應用程序使用ofxFFT,一個由卡勒克開發的openFrameworks 附加元件。它擷取聲音中的信息並產生即時三維網格視效用以聲音雕塑。