About The Director

Presented by Nicolai Oroussoff in The New York Times as the “cult figures in the European architecture world”, Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine mainly focus their research on experimenting new narrative and cinematographic forms in relation to contemporary architecture. The uniqueness of their work holds on their subjective, creative and humoristic look at masterpieces of architecture portrayed through the depiction of their daily life.

Ila Beka is an Italian artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Paris. He trained as an architect with a degree from the IUAV of Venice and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paris-Belleville.

Louise Lemoine is a French filmmaker who lives and works in France. She is graduated in cinema and philosophy from the Sorbonne, Paris.


尼古拉在紐約時報中點名伊拉.貝卡和路易絲.勒蒙納為「歐洲建築世界怪雞人物」,他們倆主要集中研究有關當代建築的新實驗性敍事以及電影攝影形式。通過他們的日常生活的描寫刻畫,他們主觀 、創意以及風趣建構著對建築獨特觀感與風格。

伊拉.貝卡,意大利藝術家及電影工作者,現居巴黎。他於威尼斯 IUAV及巴黎國立高等學府Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paris-Belleville修畢建築專業。


Movie Synopsis

Koolhaas Houselife portrays one of the masterpieces of contemporary architecture. The film lets the viewer enter into the house’s daily intimacy through the stories and daily chores of Guadalupe Acedo, the housekeeper, and the other people who look after the building. Pungent, funny and touching.


庫哈斯住宅生活描繪了當代大師建築傑作之一;通過管家瓜達盧佩愛思達的日常工作以及其他照顧 房子的同仁的日常瑣事,讓觀眾進入房子看見另一獨特寫照。


Name: Maison à Bordeaux
Location : Floirac, France
Year: 1998
Architect: Rem Koolhaas/OMA


名稱 : Maison à Bordeaux
地點 : 法國弗盧瓦拉克
年份 : 1998
建築師 : 雷姆 . 庫哈斯 / OMA建築師事務所