DOTMOV is a digital film festival organized by online magazine "SHIFT", aiming to discover unknown talented creators and provide an opportunity to show their works. We had a total of 206 works from 18 countries in 2013, and an excellent 20 works among them were selected by guest judges. All the selected works are also presented on the website. Festival 2013 will take place in several cities in Japan and overseas from November 2013 and throughout 2014.

In addition to the general category like before, we called for entries to the “ELEKINESIS VA” MV (music video) category in collaboration with the event “Elekinesis” organized by the Sapporo based label “SenSe” which introduces creatives such as music and art. “ELEKINESIS VA”MV category videos will be appear on the screening.


除以往固有的類別,2013年更與札榥Sapporo核下品牌SenSe所主辦的活動Elekinesis合作,加設「ELEKINESIS VA」 MV (音樂錄影)類別,推動音樂與藝術 ,是次展映亦「ELEKINESIS VA」 MV (音樂錄影)類別的作品。


(2013, USA 美國)
Director: Eddie Song
Sound: Shifted Sound
1 min 11 sec


(2012, UK 英國)
Director: Max Hattler
6 min

Pedro Friedeberg

(2012, Mexico 墨西哥)
Director: Salvador Herrera
(Urban Gallery 城市畫廊)
2 min 48 sec

Videolightwork Ten

(2011, Spain 西班牙)
Director: Clemente Calvo
(Urban Gallery城市畫廊)
1 min 22 sec


(2013, Japan 日本)
Director: Ryoya Usuha
Music: Junichi Akagawa/ Yaporihami
16 sec


(2013, Japan 日本)
Director: Yuji Mitsuhashi
Music: ITC (Elekisesis V.A.)
1 min 10 sec


(2013, Belgium 比利時)
Director: Hans Mortelmans
Music: Yves de Mey
1 min 50 sec


(2013, Japan 日本)
Director: Teppi Koseki
12 min

Mindscapes#9, after Cajal

(2013, Brazil 巴西)
Director: Fernando Velázquez
3 min 2 sec


(2013, USA 美國)
Director: Annapurna Kumar
Sound: Pcoat
3 min 18 sec


(2013, USA 美國)
Director: Annapurna Kumar
Music: Kid Smpl
4 min 58 sec


(2012, Japan 日本)
Director: Tetsuka Niiyama
3 min


(2013, Japan 日本)
Director: Tetsuro Ohashi
Music: Kohei Sasaki (Elekisesis V.A.)
2 min 23 sec


(2013, Japan 日本)
Director: Haruki Kawanaka
Music: Orion (Elekisesis V.A.)
3 min 29 sec


(2013, Japan 日本)
Director: Sohei Oguro
Music: The Crash That Took Me
3 min 13 sec


(2013, Japan 日本)
Director: sankaku
Music: Her Ghost Friend
3 min 6 sec


(2013, Japan 日本)
Music: Broken Hours, Jopy, TriPhaze,
Chuck Bettis & Friends, Craig Riley,
Felix Mendelssohn
3 min 11 sec

Dissimilated Vision

(2012, Japan 日本)
Director: Takuto Katayama
Music: Ryota Kikuchi
Mixer: Shun Hamanaka
2 min 30 sec

Shiaqase no Katasa

(2013, Japan 日本)
Director: Shinya Mizuno
Music: Funwari-chan
3 min 39 sec