03/11/2018 (SAT 六)
17:00 – 17:20

Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall

5 Edinburgh Place, Central

Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservation.

Yours in Distress, Alan (2018)
思痛的艾倫 (2018)

Vvzela Kook (China)

In 1951, Alan Turing wrote to his friend Norman Routledge shortly before pleading guilty with gross indecency:
“I am afraid that the following syllogism may be used by some in the future:
Turing believes that machines think
Turing lies with men
Therefore machines do not think.”

After more than half a century, the existence of human is strongly technologically textured. In one sense or another, we are all cyborgs. The body of human is an object for redesigning rather than a subject. As Kurzweil predicts, OUR BODIES, OUR BRAINS, AND THE MACHINES around us might all one day merge into a single massive communal intelligence. Can the intelligence think? Can we know what they think?

In the work Yours in Distress, Alan, a rocket carries a cyborg crew into the space for a mission. Connected with brain-computer interface, the crew highly functions with the spacecraft terminal computer in this enclosed space. But will it always like that?

圖靈會對人們撒謊( 圖靈和男人睡在一起)



Artist Biography 藝術家簡介

Vvzela Kook

(B. 1990, Lives and works in Hong Kong) Vvzela Kook is a new media artist who mainly works with audiovisual mediums, formats including performance, theatre, generative video and drawing. Her audiovisual works combine media with performance; they explore the possibility of coexistence between contemporary performance types, like dance or choreography, and computer-generated new media.

Kook’s video works combine technology with her artistic practice to reproduce and convert urban cityscapes into an integrated virtual experience, guiding the audience on a cybernetic journey. The condensed textures in her works connect with multiple sensual levels in our perception and reintroduce the unexplored potential of video as a medium.

Kook has participated and shown her works in PuSh Performing Art Festival in Vancouver (2017), Mill6 Foundation (2017), Microwave International Media Festival in Hong Kong (2016), K11 Shanghai (2016), Hong Kong Arts Festival (2015), Sound Art China Exhibition (2013), Frischzelle Festival and Dusseldorf Festival (2012), and “89+”program (2012) co-curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets.

(b.1990, 生活工作於香港) 新媒體藝術家曲倩雯,主要以聲音視覺作為創作媒介,包括聲音視覺現場演出、劇場、衍生藝術(generative art)與繪畫。她的聲音視覺作品結合現場演出,探索與當代表演類型,如舞蹈、編舞等與計算機生成藝術之間共存的可能性。


她曾經多次受各國單位邀請參展/參演,包括溫哥華的PuSh Performing Art Festival (2017),香港的Mill6 Foundation (2017),香港微波國際藝術節(2016),香港藝術節(2015),中國聲音藝術大展(2013),德國Friszchelle藝術節,德國的杜塞爾多夫藝術節(2012)與 Hans Ulrich Obrist 與 Simon Castets 共同策劃的「89+」計劃(2012)。