27/10/2018 (Sat 六)
14:00 – 17:30

Future Cinema Studio, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, The City University of Hong Kong
6/F, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Conducted in English 英語主講

Free admission. Limited seats available. Reservation required.

Introduction 活動簡介

Patrice Poujol (France)

Creativity Un-Chained: The Rise of a Decentralised Creative Ecosystem

Since 2015, the crypto space has become the centre of a lot of attention. Until quarter 2 2018, over US$12 billion were crowd-raised in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) cumulatively over 3 years. Most of these initiatives have targeted the fintech, social networks, supply chain management, and property market sectors.

With the exception of gaming, few projects have been developed in the entertainment and creative industries sectors, particularly as B2B solutions. Nevertheless, according to UNESCO, the cultural and creative industries (CCI) represented already US$2.25 trillion in 2015.

This presentation contributes to plug this gap by animating a discussion on the rise of a global decentralized creative ecosystem. The Lumière Project is one of the companies at the forefront of decentralizing initiatives in the creative industries. Patrice Poujol, its founder, will discuss the current centralized and intermediated media environment.

His speech will also cover whether the ICO model is the best and only way to develop a sustainable ecosystem. He will comment on the various facets of decentralization, and finally, on the opportunities and challenges of creating and implementing a new distributed creative ecosystem in an industry populated by large centralized studios and online platforms.

Patrice will then open the floor to a general discussion about blockchain technology and its potential impact on the wider spheres of society. Like most peer-to-peer (P2P) systems, one of the intrinsic features of decentralized systems is that, in theory, they do not hold single points of failure. In the case of blockchain-run systems, decentralized data is also timestamped and immutable, making its content very hard to tamper with. How can such a censorship-resistant model be developed and accepted by individuals, corporations, and governments in the current privacy-sensitive and content production contexts?

Depending on how it is implemented, blockchain technology could also potentially offer a smooth alternative to the commercially-driven Internet Plus towards The Internet of Trust and The Internet of Value, both of which can help transcend Marxist theories and existing systems of values. This is where technology and refreshed mindsets have a chance to work hand-in-hand to solve some contemporary societal issues worldwide.







Speaker biography 講者簡介

Patrice Poujol (France)

A media and blockchain researcher and a film practitioner.

As a PhD researcher with CityU Hong Kong, Patrice has presented in conferences in North America, Europe and Asia. He is planning to publish his 3 ½-year peer-reviewed work with Springer Books in 2018. The current working title for the book is BlockChina: Collaborative Platforms for Media Coproduction catering for both academic and industry interests on the use of blockchain technology to implement transparency in the film sector and open doors to emerging artists.

Before diving into his research project, Patrice has worked for eight years in Capital Markets, including film finance projects. He has combined his passion for filmmaking with his former banking experience to build a solid creative media production experience over 12 years.

Patrice has acted as media consultant for such clients as Sil. Metropole, Mexcham and the Mexican Consulate in Hong Kong. He was the initiator and the key Project Manager on ‘The 1st Irish Film Celebration in China’: During this event, he screened 35 Irish films to an audience of over 8,000 viewers in Shanghai and in Beijing.

He co-directed and composed the music for two artistic video works in collaboration with Chinese artists XIE Chuangxia Sheldon and Cici SHENG - These works screened on the Hong Kong ICC tower (coined as the largest screen on earth) to an audience of over 1 million people during one month at the end of 2015.

Patrice took supporting directorial and production roles of the multi-million China-US co-production entitled On Wings of Eagles, which featured actors Joseph Fiennes and Shawn Dou. The film was released in China and the USA.

Patrice is involved in three feature films, including Under The Dancing Stars with Edwina Forking from Zanzibar Films, Padraic Moyles (Riverdance dancer and Associate Director) and the Irish band Kíla.

Taking his PhD as a solid foundation for his future work, he is currently integrating his experience, his knowledge and his network in technology, finance, and media to develop the Lumière Project with a team of experts from the tech world and the film industry. This project should contribute to make the film industry more equitable, creative, and transparent.


岑天虎作為香港城市大學博士研究生,曾於北美、歐洲和亞洲的國際會議上發表硏究學說。他計劃在2018年與Springer Books合作把他三年半的朋輩研究作品集結成書。此書暫名為《BlockChina: 媒體合作的協作平台》(BlockChina: Collaborative Platforms for Media Coproduction),旨在為學術界及業界提供區塊鏈技術運用於電影領域以至藝術創作上的參考。

在深入硏究此項目以前,他曾於Capital Markets工作八年,參與有關電影投資工作。他透過結合他的投資銀行經驗與對電影的熱情,花了超過12年時間構造出一套紥實的創意媒體製作的經驗。

天虎曾擔任Sil. Metropole、Mexcham、墨西哥駐香港領事館等客戶的媒體顧問,他亦曾任首屆在中國的愛爾蘭電影慶典的發起人及項目經理。在是次慶典中,他在上海及北京放映了35套愛爾蘭電影,並有超過8000名觀眾觀看。

他曾分別與兩名中國藝術家XIE Chuangxia Sheldon與Cici SHENG 合作,合導兩部藝術錄像作品,並為其配樂。兩部作品在2015年年㡳曾於香港ICC大樓的外牆屏幕(ICC大樓的外牆曾被稱為地球上最大的屏幕)放映達一個月,並有超過100萬觀眾人次觀看。

天虎曾參與電影《終極勝利》的導演組以及製作組的工作,此片為中美合作電影,由約瑟夫.范恩斯(Joseph Fiennes)及竇驍主演,於中國及美國發行。

他曾參與三部劇情片的製作,包括巴黎電影組織Zanzibar Film成員Edwina Forking、Riverdance舞者及副導演Padraic Moyles,以及愛爾蘭樂隊Kíla合作的《Under The Dancing Stars》。