Confidential Records

Vvzela Kook 曲淵澈

Confidential Records is a series of fictitious works the artist Vvzela Kook has been researching and working on since 2016.

《機密錄》是藝術家曲淵澈從2016年開始研究並製作的一系列科幻作品,目前共有三個階段,分別是:《機密錄: 雙城》(2018),《機密錄:行刑》(2019)和《機密錄:重寫》(2020)。

American technologist Ray Kurzweil proposed "The Law of Acceleration Returns", and described the exponential growth of technological changes that will lead to the Singularity — machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence. Not long before the publish of this theory, Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, an ungoverned outlaw zone, nicknamed City of Darkness and City of Crime, was demolished and ended its issue of governance and decades of improvisational growth, and thereafter continued its life as a cyberpunk image and a heavily burdened cultural icon.

In the story Confidential Records, the virtual underground city inherits these characteristics and functions as a shelter and final frontier to fight against the Al regime......

美國的科學家雷·庫茲威爾提出了“加速回報定律”,並描述了技術變革的指數級增長將導致奇點——機器智能將 超越人類智能。這一理論發表前不久,香港的九龍寨城, 一個綽號為黑暗之城和犯罪之城的法外之地被清拆, 結束了治理問題和幾十年的即興成長,此後繼續其作為賽博朋克形象和一個沉重的文化偶像存在。

在《機密錄》這件作品中,一座虛擬的未來地下城市繼承了九龍寨城的這些特徵, 成為反抗人工智慧政權的庇護所與最終前線........