Curators’ Podcast Dialogue:
I am (not) Hemingway


One hot summer afternoon, the two curators were having coffee in their Taiwan studio, to talk about their projects and topics related to technology, archive and collections. Escher mentioned with the recent rapid Artificial Intelligence (A.I in short) development, everything that used to be tedious and complicated is now could be taken care by A.I.; and there seems to be a new definition and approach towards archive. They chatted about many important historical events or moments are defined after they are done, no one knows how important all these information will be in the (near) future, and how nothing is important until it is considered to be important.

Imagine if there was an web portal contains Hemingway's conversations with friends at the Café de la Plume nowadays, how many people will crave for that? Another question arises. If Hemingway hadn't been popular all over the world at that time, how would we have known that we needed to archive those conversations? Even with today's technological advances, like Escher's conversation with Joel, who knows if we will be Hemingway in someday? In this Podcast, the two curators zoomed in on the topic of technology & archive, not as a research discussion, but as a way to talk about what A.I. and everyone could have done for precious things before the invention of the future-telling device. Join us ☺

炎夏某個下午,兩位策展人在台灣工作室喝咖啡聊項目的時候,談起有關科技、典藏與庫存的相關題目。Escher說現在有人工智能 (Artificial Intelligence,簡稱 A.I.),一切以前繁瑣無盡的工作有A.I.代勞,於是典藏似乎有了新的定義新的做法。二人說到許多重要的歷史事件或時刻是在過後才被定義的,許多當下流失,沒有人知道在未來這些資訊有多重要,於是所有重要的東西被視為重要之前都一概不知道重不重要。是這樣說吧?試想想如果現場有一個線上庫存,上面有海明威在花神咖啡館與友人的對談,這大家不會爭著去聽去讀嗎?於是另一個問題出現,那時候如果海明威還沒紅遍全世界,我們哪知道要把東西存取下來?即便現今科技發達,就像Escher與Joel的對話,誰知道我們是不是/會不會是海明威?是次Podcast對談,兩位策展人就科技與典藏的題目,無限放大發揮,不是什麼研究討論,就是想說在未發明預知未來神器以前,A.I. 與每個人可以為著珍貴的事情做些什麼。

Speaker Biography 講者簡介
Joel Kwong

Media Art Curator, Producer, Writer & Educator. Currently Joel is the Programme Director of Microwave Interntaional New Media Arts Festival, founder of SIBYLS – an art consultation and production agency. Throughout the years she has been dedicated to promote Arts x Technology, curating media arts projects in various cities and lecturing at local institutions and giving talks in international conferences, submits and festivals.

Over the years, he has been dedicated to promoting arts and technology, curating media arts-related projects in various cities and lecturing at local colleges, international arts festivals and seminars.


Escher Tsai

新媒體藝術工作者、製作人與策展人,現為Dimension Plus 超維度互動創意總監、文化部「科技藝術實驗創新及輔導推動計劃」、「5G雲端運算美學平台」及國立臺灣美術館「5G沉浸式科技應用實驗場域軟體技術開發與建置」計劃主持人,2022《文化部 X 桃園科技藝術節》、忠泰美術館《生生LIVES》、臺中國家戲劇院《光之曲幕》沉浸展及《C-LAB未來媒體藝術節》策展人。曾任臺灣當代文化實驗場 (C-LAB) 科技媒體實驗平台資深顧問、第50屆威尼斯國際美術雙年展台灣館 《3x3x6》製作總監、2021 《C-LAB 未來媒體藝術節》策展人、2020 《Lab kill Lab》計劃及 《FUTURE VISION LAB》計劃製作總監、2016-2017 《白晝之夜》策展人、 2017 《桃園科技藝術節》策展人、2016 《伊東豐雄的劇場夢》觀念建築展策展人。

Media Artist, Curator and Producer. He devotes himself into digital art research, promotion and creation. He is currently the Creative Director of Dimension Plus, and the Director of Arts and Technology: Creative Innovation and Consultation Project, as well as 5G Computing Art Project in Taiwan. He was the Senior Consultant for the C-LAB Techno-Media Experimentation Platform in Taiwan, and the project lead for many digital art creations including the playaround workshop series – a project dedicated to Digital Art Exchange and Creation, and the creator of Microplayground which is an online media platform for Digital & Media Art.