Shiu Ka Heng 蕭家恒

In the rapidly evolving cityscape of Hong Kong, where districts transform with the turn of a decade, "The Lost Metropolis" stands as a testimony to places once teeming with stories, now on the brink of erasure. But as a viewer embarks on this digital journey of discovery, another equally intricate layer unfolds – the story behind the story.


"Intersections" pulls back the curtain on the multifaceted journey of creating "The Lost Metropolis". A nod to the inherent interdisciplinary nature of this project, the installation presents itself as a 3D graph – a tangible network of nodes that represent articles detailing various stages of the project. From exploratory excursions and intimate oral history interviews, to the challenges and intricacies of photogrammetry scans, custom coding, and robotic design, every node is a doorway into the depth of this endeavor. These articles aren't mere journals; they are gateways that depict how art is often a culmination of various disciplines converging.

But "Intersections" is not just about showcasing the process; it emphasizes the interconnectedness of all its facets. A location's history informs a technical requirement, which in turn could be related to the very essence of the place. This dynamic web of connections highlights how intertwined the past, present, and future really are, and how every technical challenge and solution has a narrative rooted in the locale's essence.

And as viewers navigate through this constellation of experiences, they're also offered portals that transport them directly into the referenced locations within "The Lost Metropolis". A seamless interplay between the creation and its background, "Intersections" invites one to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between art and the tools that give it form. Dive deep, explore the interstices, and emerge with an enriched understanding of the delicate balance between preserving history and forging the future.



當觀者在這些體驗中穿梭遊歷,他們可以通過「傳送門」(portal) 進入《情迷香港》中的相關地點。《相交點》邀請觀者去體會藝術與科技工具之間的共生關係;嘗試深入其中,探索其中的相交點,讓人對保存歷史與開創未來之間的微妙平衡有更深的理解。