Vvzela Kook 曲淵澈

In June 2022, the Jumbo Restaurant began the last part of its fantastic journey. This floating legacy carries the memories and culture of several generations of the people here, drifted along with the deep currents to the seabed of the South China Sea, and it sailed away from the harbor of its hometown, opening up to the limitlessness of the sea. Is this journey really the "last chapter"? In "Limbo", the artist imagines a future civilisation discovering the remains of this past civilisation, and using archaeological excavation to study this unidentified structure and to speculate on its date of construction and the living and cultural environment at that time. When the curiosity of the future meets the memories of the past through this underwater palace, how will our present culture be interpreted?

公元二零二二年六月,珍寶海鮮舫開始了最後一段奇幻的旅程,這個承載著幾代人記憶及文化的海上殿堂隨著深層海流一起漂流到南海的海床,它駛離了故鄉的港灣,向大海的無限性敞開胸懷。這段旅程,是否真的是「最後一段」呢?在《Limbo 懸停》中,藝術家想像未來的文明發現了這座過去文明的遺跡,並以考古方式發掘研究這座不明建築,推測其建成的年代及當時的生活,文化環境。當未來的好奇與過去的記憶通過這艘海底皇宮相遇時,我們今日的文化將會以何方式詮釋?