The Lost Metropolis

Shiu Ka Heng 蕭家恒

Underneath the heartbeats of Hong Kong's bustling streets lies an intricate tapestry of memories, a legacy of spaces once teeming with life and stories. Remember that slum untouched by time, standing as a defiant testament to the city's enduring spirit for over a century? Recall that corner shop, its stories echoing from your grandmother's time, a silent witness to generations of shared laughter and tears?


Yet, as the years drifted by, these spaces, once cornerstones of community, faded. Overwhelmed by the relentless tides of progress, they receded into the shadows of obsolescence; replaced by the shifting contours of a city in perpetual motion. The very block you reside in today might be unrecognizable to the eyes of someone from half a century ago.

In the context of such transience, one is compelled to ponder: What defines space? What constructs a place? What binds a community? Much like the age-old philosophical conundrum of the ship of Theseus, the answers remain elusive, floating somewhere between the past's remnants and the future's promises.

Yet, as we venture into the age of digital wonders, we needn't relinquish our past to the mists of obscurity. Armed with avant-garde 3D reconstruction technology, we possess the power to bridge the temporal divide, casting light upon the shadows of the past.

Step into "The Lost Metropolis." More than just a digital realm, it is a tangible nexus, a hidden portal that beckons you into Hong Kong's hidden mirror world. While these resurrected spaces might seem ethereal, they are rooted deeply within the bedrock of our shared consciousness, offering you a tactile voyage through an intricate maze of histories and dreams.

Embark on a journey into a realm where the digital and the physical intertwine, where the past is not just remembered, but relived. Welcome to "The Lost Metropolis," your gateway to the hidden mirror world of Hong Kong's forgotten tales.