27,28/11 & 11,12/12/2010
1200 - 1800
Units 101-105, Lakeside 2, No 10 Science Park West Avenue,
Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, Shatin, N.T

#special tour available, reservation required
Reservation 預約: info@microwavefest.net
ALiVE, the Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment, is an interdisciplinary research initiative of the City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media. It is an incubator and innovations showcase for new forms of creativity, whose challenge led programs are at the cutting edge of digital media in society.

ALiVE is a 1,000m2 laboratory situated at the Hong Kong Science Park exploring new paradigms in immersive visualization, interactive narrative, participatory media and autonomous agency. It benchmarks future cinema, situated gaming and digital humanities for cultural organizations, entertainment, education and industry.

This ALiVE Open Lab is a unique occasion to experience nine spectacular immersive installations at ALiVE that are at the frontiers of art and science. It features ground-breaking interactive works by world renowned artists, showing recent research advances made at the UNSW iCinema Research Centre, Sydney, ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe and Museum Victoria, Melbourne.

ALiVE 實驗室位置於香港科學園,佔地一千平方米。ALiVE實驗室為蘊藏式視像化、互動敘述、參與式媒體、自主式代理等技術奠定新的範式;更為未來影院、情境遊戲、數碼化人文學科教學、文化組織、文化團體及工業奠立基準。

ALiVE 開放實驗室會就現場九項沉浸式裝置為觀眾提供一個耳目一新的新媒體藝術與科學體驗。在這裡,你能夠親身體驗世界著名新媒體藝術家的互動作品,同時亦能見証澳洲悉尼新南威爾斯大學iCinema中心、德國卡爾斯魯厄ZKM媒體藝術中心、墨爾本維多利亞博物館等科研成果。

T_Visionarium (2008)
《電視潛像館》 (2008)

Neil Brown, Dennis Del Favero, Matthew McGinity, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel

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PLACE -Hampi (2006)
《漢比之旅》 (2006)

Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw with John Gollings, Paprikaas Animation Studios, Paul Doornbusch, Dr L. Subramaniam

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《窒愛》 (2008)

Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw with Conor O’Kane, Scott Ashton and Yossi Landesrocha

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iTürkiye (2010)
《旋幻土耳其》 (2010)

Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw, Cedric Maridet, and Paul Bourke

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Eye of Nagaur 2008

Sarah Kenderdine and Jeffrey Shaw with Nawab Khan and Paul Bourke

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reconFiguring the CAVE (1997/2001)

Agnes Hegedus, Bernd Lintermann, Jeffrey Shaw with Leslie Stuck

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Celestial Mechanics (2005)

Agnes Hegedus, Bernd Lintermann, Jeffrey Shaw with Leslie Stuck

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