M.O.M. (Multi Oriented Mirror) (2003)
母親 (2003)

Christian Partos

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Artist Statement & Technical Statement
Artist Statement & Technical Statement

Partos' work is site-specific: with inspirations from the blend of the surroundings, the landscape, architecture, historical and social context, light conditions, economical/practical/mental possibilities/limitations, and what is in his own mind, memories and thoughts.

Partos is interested in "solutions", ways to combine either things and/or feelings that make sense to him. Artistic manifesto can be how an idea fits into a certain material expression, or how two materials are combined together, and with what kind of arrangement.

His idea brings him into learning more about material and technique. New materials and techniques stimulate new ideas, or vice versa. Technique and materials in his work vary: from mechanical or electronic "mobile art" for water, light, fire & sound, to "stable art" made of ceramic, wood, concrete & metal. Anything works.

M.O.M. (Multi Oriented Mirror) is a picture made of five thousand mirrors. Mirrors are individually slanted to collect a specific hue of the opposite empty wall. The wall is lit so the top is bright and the lower part is dark. The mirrors act as colours and visualize a portrait of his mother (†1996). This picture is a memory made of many facets, visible yet unreal, on the wall but in the room, four dimensions dressed as two.

巴托斯的作品多以場地特定裝置出發。他以場地週遭的景色、建築物、當地歷史、社會環境、燈光條件、經濟/ 實用/ 心理角度的可能性與限制出發,來配合他的記憶和意念創作。