A Parallel Image Graphic Generator (2010)
平衡影像 - 圖像產生器 (2010)

Gebhard Sengmüller

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Artist's Biography

Gebhard SENGMÜLLER is an artist working in the field of media technology, currently based in Vienna, Austria. Since 1992, SENGMÜLLER has been developing projects and installations focusing on the history of electronic media; also creating alternative ordering systems for media content; and constructing auto-generative networks.

SENGMÜLLER's work has been shown extensively in Europe, the US and Japan, among others in venues such as Ars Electronica Linz, the Venice Biennale, the Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Postmasters Gallery NYC, the Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago, the FCMM Festival Montreal, and the ICC Center Tokyo.


格哈.尚梅拿 是一位專注於媒體科技的藝術家,現居於奧地利維也納。自一九九二年開始,尚梅拿便以電子媒體歷史為題,發展不同的項目和裝置,創造另類排列媒體內容的系統,以及創建自動衍生網絡。

尚梅拿的作品曾於歐洲,美國及日本等地展出,當中包括林茨電子藝術節、威尼斯雙年展、倫敦當代藝術學院、紐約市郵政總局藝術廊(Postmasters Gallery NYC)、芝加哥當代攝影博物館、蒙特利爾電影節及東京互訊中心(ICC Center Tokyo)。